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6 Tips to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring


1. know your budget

Choosing an engagement ring it’s an important decision and we understand that it can be quite frustrating. In the past it only required a few questions: princess or emerald cut? White gold or yellow? These days, there’s a lot more to consider when figuring out… to help you make the process stress-free, we’ve rounded up our top 6 best tips for making this monumental purchase.

Diamond jewelries doesn’t have to come in a high tag price. In fact, with our Lab Grown Diamond rings you can find the truth is there’s no exact science when it comes to how much to spend on an engagement ring, and some women prefer smaller, less expensive diamonds.


2. Don’t get caught up in a trend

One of our main goals in Isabel Pierre is creating timeless collections. An engagement ring should be a classic symbol of your love that will last forever, so it’s important that the ring reflects your future fiancés personal style. Look at their current jewelry to see what would best suit his or her style. Are they white gold or yellow gold persons? Do they wear statement jewelry or instead opt for minimal pieces? Take cues from their current style to inform how you pick the piece they’ll want to wear every day for the rest of their lives.


3. Choose the lab grown diamond shape

Narrow Down What Shape You Want; basically, the round brilliant cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes for its intense sparkle. However, there are many other shapes as: princes cut, emerald cut, oval cut, cushion cut, pear-shaped, heart shaped and more… The cut of a diamond shape ultimately determines its ability to sparkle. This is largely because cut determines the number of facets on a diamond and how light travels through the stone.


4. Get Measured Correctly

So, you have found the one and are finally ready to pop the question! When planning the perfect surprise engagement, you are not alone in wondering how to find your partner’s engagement ring size without them knowing. One of the best strategies is to borrow one of your partner’s rings for a day. You do need to be careful with this tactic because it might backfire. Make sure you borrow a ring that they won’t notice is missing and that’s similar in size to your partner’s left ring finger.

 How To Measure Ring Size Using String, Paper, And A Ruler 

Step 1: Cut a piece of non-stretchy string (or a strip of paper) and wrap it around the base of your partner’s left finger.
Step 2: Identify the point where the end meets the string and make a pen mark.
Step 3: Lay the string flat and measure the length of the mark you made in millimeters (mm).
Sept 4: Compare the measurement to our ring size chart to find the closest ring size.

In any case, at Isabel Pierre we offer complimentary ring resizing! So, nothing to worry about!


5. Be Smart about the Clarity & Color of the diamond

Meet your particular preference and standard- it’s all a matter of opinion. You want to understand the clarity and the color so you can decide what more important to you, what meets more your budget, and ultimately feel more confident by knowing exactly what you are shopping. You can always chat with one of our diamond experts if you have any questions.


6. Rest assured knowing we’ll make you the perfect engagement ring

We know that choosing the right engagement ring is a stressful process, but we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. In most cases your partner will love the ring you ultimately end up choosing, however, if it’s not quite right rest assure that our team will do anything to help find her dream ring.

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