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Isabel pierrie

Passion in Creation

04 Genesis Creation Narrative


The design process involve understanding current and modern cultural needs.

This phase is mainly about implementing our vision into reality. Isabel Pierre’s designers create sketches that will eventually become to breathtaking jewellery.


At Isabel Pierre, we give rigorous attention to each and every manufacturing phase.

The jewellery mold making is a delicate phase in which our professional jewelers produced the best quality type of jewellery rubber that will best suited the elements and structure of the design.


Gold casting is an important phase of the jewellery creation process. Gold is often the preferred metal choice. Using only recycled gold, Isabel Pierre’s create only high-quality pieces of jewellery, while keeping our promise- protecting our planet.


The soldering phase is an essential part of the jewellery making process.

Our goal of soldering is to produce the strongest bond of each component from a particular jewel. This assembly gives the jewel it’s final structure. The vision now become reality.


Transforming raw materials into stunning jewellery pieces is the last phase in the jewellery making process.

Giving life to the jewel structure by setting and polishing the diamonds takes an outstanding expertise. At Isabel Pierre, we adhere to meticulous standards, ensuring that you receive jewellery that meet your exact desire.

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Isabel Pierre is a fashion jewellery brand that embraces current culture with a timeless look. Manufacturing in Europe, and backed with decades of experience, the brands core value combines the human aspect with best quality product. Isabel Pierre handcrafted human made, genuine diamonds in elegant, feminine and sophisticated creations.


Launching the house of ISABEL PIERRE came with the most important value in mind: our responsibility to protect our planet with a strive for excellence of jewellery creation. The environmental awareness presented by the brand’s jewellery, which embedded with Human made diamonds.
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