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Isabel pierrie

Passion in Creation

01 The House


As an homage to her grandmother Isabel Pierre, granddaughter Morane named the company after her. Isabel’s exquisite style, timeless beauty and innate attention to small details were the inspiration for the creation of the Isabel Pierre collections.

Isabel was a worldly, engaged woman with a heart for nature and the environment, philanthropy and women’s rights.

While growing up, Morane vividly remembers spending long vacations with her grandmother and being in awe of her jewellery collection. There was a story behind every piece – a special event she had worn it to, a special person she had received it from, or a memorable vacation during which an item was purchased. Diamonds always made Morane dream, and she was determined to recreate her grandmother’s beautiful looks when she grew up.


Bringing the timeless beauty of diamonds into the 21st century, she adds what she calls ‘the human factor’– creating lab grown, human made diamonds – to revolutionize the industry.

Whereas diamonds, when only rare and mined, are ‘forever’; human made or humade diamonds are ‘for everyone’, making them more accessible to a broader audience of diamond amateurs. Morane held onto her grandmother’s beliefs: she vowed to only source materials from people and companies that had an environmental awareness. Global changes are being experienced in almost every aspect of our lives; and changes have to be made in the diamond industry as well, as humans who care about their planet. Wearing exquisitely crafted jewellery does not have to come at a major cost for our environment – or our budgets.


Located in the heart of the diamond district of Antwerp and the main artery of the diamond manufacturing and trading centre, Isabel Pierre is coming upon the biggest variety and unique gems in the industry. Constantly striving to find an exceptional stones that will ultimately become part of Isabel Pierre’s fine jewellery.

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The Vision

Launching the house of ISABEL PIERRE came with the most important value in mind: our responsibility to protect our planet with a strive for excellence of jewellery creation. The environmental awareness presented by the brand’s jewellery, which embedded with Human made diamonds.


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Isabel Pierre diamonds are all genuine Lab-Grown diamonds, cut by Artisan Diamonds Cutters (as opposed to machine cutting) to give them the human touch and love. Sustainable, European manufacturing – no mining, no carbon footprint, and most of all: impeccable craftsmanship, made by hand with the finest eye for detail.

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