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Isabel pierrie

Passion in Creation

02 The Vision

Focusing On What She Wants

The feminine power is not cliché.

Isabel Pierre stands for timeless yet remarkable jewellery, that expresses and empowers femininity in its many forms. Women are strong, bold forces of nature – brilliant and ravishing, and yet very unique. Women will not let an opportunity to shine pass them by, or be held back in revealing their true potential. Just like Isabel, and just like our diamonds.


Diamonds may be forever, but diamond mines are not.

Diamonds may be forever, but diamond mines are not. Diamond deposits around the world are being rapidly depleted: 6 billion carats of diamonds have already been mined, whereas only 1.2 billion carats of mineable diamonds are estimated to remain in the Earth today. Growing humade diamonds does not require diesel, but (preferably renewable) electricity. The impact on the earth to grow diamonds is a fraction of the impact of diamond mining.

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Isabel Pierre is a fashion jewellery brand that embraces current culture with a timeless look. Manufacturing in Europe, and backed with decades of experience, the brands core value combines the human aspect with best quality product. Isabel Pierre handcrafted human made, genuine diamonds in elegant, feminine and sophisticated creations.


Launching the house of ISABEL PIERRE came with the most important value in mind: our responsibility to protect our planet with a strive for excellence of jewellery creation. The environmental awareness presented by the brand’s jewellery, which embedded with Human made diamonds.
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